Orthodontics - Dental Practice Rafz

With orthodontic treatment, we customise a removable or fixed brace to suit you personally. Modern, so-called self-ligating systems work even more gently and quicker on the teeth and are significantly pleasanter mouth-wise!

For orthodontic treatment we work with transparent braces, so that each tooth can be individually wielded for the best result. The big advantage for you is that the treatment is relatively simple, the effect is reliable and you don’t need to think about it.

Modern orthodontics works with delicate small forces and as a result offers many advantages.

The treatment duration is individually tailored to suit you. During this time, and with on-going checkups at intervals personally adapted to suit your situation, we will give you the assurance that the treatment is working well and will rapidly achieve the ideal result. The accompanying oral hygiene maintains your teeth in a beautiful state, strong and tough.

There finally follows a so-called stabilisation phase, so you can always enjoy the lovely result.